Register Your Truck or Tractor Trailer With Ease

Learn More About our Truck & Tractor Trailer DMV Services

Getting a truck or a tractor trailer properly registered requires a different process than getting a car registered. However, registration should not be a cumbersome task. We at Car-Co will get you on the road in no time with:

  • Registration
  • Titles
  • United States Department of Transportation Numbers
  • Motor Carrier Numbers (MCN)
  • International Registration Plan (IRP) Accounts
  • Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)
  • Special Hauling Permits
  • Motor Vehicle Tax (MVT) Stamps
  • New York City (NYC) DIV/Load Permit
  • 2290 Filing
  • Highway Use Tax (HUT) Permit
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Permit
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Other Tractor & Trailer Services
  • New York State (NYS) Directorate of Vehicle(DIV)/Load Permit

What Documents Should I Bring?