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Nationwide DMV Services

Waiting in line at the DMV to register your vehicle is a time consuming task. Car-Co offers expedited DMV services.

Car-Co DMV Services provides DMV services to citizens in all 50 states including:

  • Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) Plates
  • Handicap Plates
  • Paid Parking & Moving Violations
  • Boat & Jet Ski Registration
  • ATV Registration
  • Motorcycle Registration
  • Trailer Plates
  • Yacht License
  • Yacht Registration
  • Scooter Registration
  • Vehicle Renewal Registration
  • First Time Vehicle Registration
  • Replace Title Certificate
  • Personal and Customized Plates
  • Check Driving Record

If you are moving to or from the state of New York, we can help you with:

  • New Licenses Plates
  • New Registration or Title Only
  • Registration Renewal
  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Duplication of Titles & Documents
  • In-Transit Plates

and much more!

Avoid long lines at the DMV. Contact Car-Co today to see what services we can offer you.

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